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Critical Essay Examples - What to Do When You're in Trouble

Critical Essay Examples - What to Do When You're in Trouble

A critical essay is an individualized form of academic composition in which the author evaluates and critiques a particular text. For an essay to be critical, you have to prove a text's specific claims and then support that claim using evidence. First, examine a resource: read it critically and precisely. Then organize your ideas: identify the central thesis, evidence supporting it and arrange your thoughts on its foundation. Finally, write a conclusion.

In considering critical essay examples, remember that writing essays does not end when you turn in your final paper. After you have completed the assignment, take the time to critically read and examine all of your essays and papers (especially those written for an honors degree or higher). Pay special attention to your choice of language and to your approach to argument. These aspects will set you apart from the many graduates from Harvard, Cambridge and Yale who are clamoring for the same prestigious professorship.

So what do some of these critical essay examples tell us about the process of developing an essay? First, as suggested by the title, an argument must support a thesis. In order to support this claim, you will need to examine your text, both the initial statement and its supporting evidence, and develop arguments to support each of these claims. Second, an author's claim in the introduction must be backed up by evidence and/or arguments in the conclusion. Finally, a conclusion must incorporate both praise and criticism of the thesis and its claims and arguments.

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